Tuesday, January 10, 2012


"Humorist Mark Saunders has invigorated the memoir form by delivering clever, tightly written comic episodes with hilarity and heart. This book covers everything you’ve always wanted to know about taking the leap and setting off to live a life you’ve only imagined – and then some! You’ll laugh out loud at the adventures of these lovable, yet often inept, mid-life expats and their eccentric pets. Nobody Knows the Spanish I Speak is a breezy, delightful read!"
- Kathleen Gerard, award-winning author of In Transit

"Mark Saunders takes us on a fast-paced, hilarious journey when he and his wife step off the corporate merry-go-round, leave a cushy life in Oregon, and head to Mexico. No habla espanol? No problemo, that is, until he gets to Mexico. A self-deprecating, smart-alecky and insightful writer, Saunders leaves you wanting a sequel. This is one of those books you will laugh along with days after you’ve finished."
- Karen Wallace Bartelt, former newspaper columnist, Lake Oswego, Oregon

"In Nobody Knows the Spanish I Speak, Mark Saunders arrives in San Miguel de Allende with his wife and finds dust and dogs, twisted ankles, fireworks, cactus and much more. He’s the classic American innocent abroad, part clueless tourist, part critic, and always a lover. It’s a book for every life adventurer, particularly those reinventing their lives or retiring, first for the humor, which crackles on every page, then for the curious, tolerant attitude, and finally for the story, which chronicles the changes in two lives (actually four, counting a dog and a cat) that transpire when they leave the safe and familiar and create a new life."
- Foster Church, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of Discovering Main Street (Travel Adventures in Small Towns of the Northwest)

"Slice the lime, chill the Corona and curl up with Saunders’ latest: Nobody Knows the Spanish I Speak. Every chapter was fresh and LOL. If you plan on or have ever spent time in Mexico, it is a must read.”
- G.H. Smith, retired business owner and frequent flyer

“If you treasure great American humorists — be they Thurber or Perelman, Barry or Sedaris — you’ll love Mark Saunders. Nobody Knows the Spanish I Speak is as witty as it is wise, a full-course feast for head, heart and funny bone.”
- Rich Rubin, Playwright, Portland, Oregon

“Reading this book is like sitting across from your best friend as he makes you laugh so hard your ribs hurt. Mark’s hilarious experiences throughout Mexico will leave readers looking at their own lives and wondering how they too can 'drop out' just so they can drop in to his world. Brilliant.”
- Laurie Halter, President, Charisma Communications

“Here’s a book for the armchair travelers who want all the excitement and fun of starting over with a whole new exotic ex-pat life in middle age, without throwing their own nest-eggs into the egg-beater. This one is smart, funny, a real life adventure of the best sort. It deserves a place alongside The Egg and I and Eat, Pray, Love. Thank you, Mark Saunders, for being the one to break out of the rat race, soar off the cliff into the unknown, and live to tell us the heartwarming and hilarious true story. “
- Cynthia Whitcomb, TV Writer and Playwright

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